Thursday, March 6, 2008

Krafty Lady Mold Caste With Dressing Gauze

Here is a Krafty Lady "lady with scarf" mold that I caste with dressing gauze and gel medium.I folded the gauze and put it in the mold.Then I put a folded tissue behind that.I pressed it all down with a paint brush soaked in slightly watered down Golden gel medium till I was sure it was all wet thru.Behind this I put one more layer of gauze that I also wet with the watered down gel medium.I pressed it all down again firmly with the end of the paint brush to ensure this mash went right into all the creases of the mold.
I left it to dry for 24hrs.I thought it was all dry and peeled it up but areas of the face were still damp and her nose and part of the scarf got left behind drama as I put it back in and pressed all around the mold again with my fingers.Left it for another 24hrs and this time it was all dry and her nose was reattached LOL.It had a lovely texture to it and was quite firm and sturdy.
I painted the caste with Luminarte Primary Elements polished pigments mixed with the Simple solution for fabrics.Then I hand sewed on the beads around her scarf.I then dusted on gold Schmincke gauche around the beaded area.I had a square of coppery orange Organza and some hand dyed gauze that had the same colours I had used on the Ladies scarf.I fused these two pieces together with some shimmery plastic squares scattered between using Vliesofix(heat bondable fusible webbing) and an iron.What amazed me there was that the purple squares changed colour and went coppery,orange and a purply orange.Very interesting.I had found them in the cheap shop while looking for small mirrors...think I had better go back and sus out other colours o).
The German scrap was coloured with Crayola water soluble crayons and the edges high lighted with Golden iridescent gold paint.The metal corners were pressed into the Stuart Superior black stamp and stick glue pad and the adhesive activated with a heat gun.Then Pearl-ex was dusted on.Lastly I hand sewed small beads around the German scrap and layered the whole thing on copper,metallic red and gold card stock.The photo was taken under room light with the flash off so what you are seeing is exactly what I am seeing here IRL...a shimmery sun lady :o)


kelsey said...

This looks wonderful Annette! Love how the gauze looks and am SO glad that you managed to re-attach her nose!!! lol

CaBaCuRl said...

Your lady with a scarf is glorious Annette...what a great idea to use dressing gauze.No way would I have thought of that! Lots more to look at here too.(I'm from stampHappy)

Annette Husband said...

Thankyou and hope the perfect waves(Caba Curl)still come(ex beachie from the Central Coast of NSW here)I'm forever thinking of odd things to try and work as nurse so using clean recycled unused dressing gauze was a natural chioce for me.I like your ATC's at your blog :o) Annette

sandyh said...

such a beautiful composition! i'm trying to use these colors now (out of my comfort box!) and this is a wonderful enticement!
i'll have to fill my pockets with a bunch of 4x4s on monday! lol! we dispose of so much useful stuff and i often don't even think of it!


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