Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Textured Gesso Tease

Over at the Next Generation Stampers they have a few challengers a month and I have been just too busy to join in much.This month when I was sick I decided to try this months one which was textured gesso.The basic idea was to lather black gesso on the base and texturize it with blobs,pressing things in and lifting them off and pressing card on top and pulling it off to create "waves"etc etc.Once it is dry use rub ons,dry brush on metallic paints and anything else you can think of to highlight the texture you created.Above is my first attempt.While it was wet I sprinkled on Opals embossing enamels into it.After it was dry I hit it with the heat gun and then dry brushed on Golden Iridescent gold paint in places and Jo Sonja Opal Dust which has really shimmery bits of glitter in it.This all looked like a stary night and got me thinking about heaven LOL...would it look like this and so on.
Well I had Monday off to myself so I started to make a large A4 plus canvas.It isn't finished yet(had to clean out and downsize the bedroom today) but I'm loving the look and texture in this piece so far.Here is a pre-view till I have time to complete it *grin*.It started as textured gesso and Opals bg that I have imbeded some plastic mesh in at the top and painted with the Golden Iridescent gold paint and Jo Sonja Opals Dust
This is the head which is an air dry clay caste mold face.The hair was made with painted Liquid Nails set on a gold decorative oval.The face was painted with Pearlescent paints

AAAHHH yes and why did I want to make Angel wing stamps with the stamp making machine from my previous post...it was for this project so here are my very own made wing stamps on hot fix Angelina fibres.You place the fibres on your stamps,cover with Gladbake and iron it using a hot dry setting..Oh La La they look nice and are about 14cmx4.5cms

Now here is the last sneak peak and it is some foam that I applied Liquid Nails to and then painted it white when dry.Then I painted some Golden Nikle Azo Gold on top and dusted on some Gold Schmincke while wet

Hope to finish it soon but I have a visit from my brother for the next five days then do my ten busy days for work so not sure when I get it all together.You will have to wait for the final showing o) .I'll do photos in better light then too.


Artkat said...

I love the look of this. I think I will have to go and buy some black gesso

Annette Husband said...

Yes do it is lovely and easy.I've used white gesso a lot for stamping and primming and then doing washes over it but never the black.Thanks for dropping by

Sue Smith said...

Hi Annette, I've just stumbled upon your blog today. I'm not sure if you remember me, but we met at the Art Journey Retreat in Fremantle last year (well at least I think it was you :) ). Your blog looks fantastic! I'll be back soon to have a longer look.
I hope you're feeling better!

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Annette

This is just fabulous - love all the texture and the beautiful depth in the glimmer. Amazing photos too as they really show it up - mine always lose the glimmer! And don't worry I am the same about commenting - I always want to but only occasionally do. I love all the work and techniques you share. You really are the Opals Queen!! PS Are you coming to the Art Retreat this year? Hope so - it has been a year since we last were in the same city at the same time so we are overdue for a catch-up!

Night Owl Designs said...

Wow, how cool is this Annette! Looking forward to seeing the finished product :-)

Zeborah Loray said...

I have liquid nails. Must open it and start playing...

Trish Bee said...

OMG the colours are amazing! This is the first time Ive seen this and Im in love! I love the finished canvas you did with this too. Brilliant!

Annette Husband said...

Thanks Deb,Zeb Sephi and Trish
Trish it is so great you are enabling us would be artists...just hope you stay around long enough till I am free of children and have more time to play...as for you other three YOU all know how much you mean to me with your inspirational creative feats and friendships...I am blessed :o)


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